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(Langstroth Hive)

Choose from the different options of hive set ups to get started.  


Buy from local beekeepers who love beekeeping. We strive to provide healthy bees for the success of the colonly.

Raw Honeycomb

Enjoy our delicious raw honey from Northern Utah. Our honey comes straight from the beehive. We absolutely don't heat or filter it, so you get all the benefits the honeybees provide.


The basic beekeeping tools and supplies that you will need as you get started with your new adventure. 


You can never learn enough about beekeeping. So let us teach you what we know to help you better understand the life of the honey bee and beekeeper.


Visit our new calendar that will help you follow along what we do each month including when we feed, how and when we treat varroa mites, etc., all while preparing for winter. Every year can be different, but this can help give you direction and purpose during your hive inspections as we progress through the year.

Get Started

If you are interested in beekeeping, then this is the place to be. There is something very rewarding as you work along side with honey bees and can be enjoyed by all ages. We want to share with you our knowledge and experiences that we have had to help you get started.

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