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Choose your pricing plan

  • Full Hive Inspection

    • 1 hour to inspect hive
    • Find queen or evidence of queen
    • Look for diseases
    • Test for mites
    • Answer any questions
    • We will contact to arrange a time for inspection
    • $50 each additional hour
    • $10 cancellation fee within 24 hrs of appt
  • Day With A Beekeeper

    Learn hands on!
    Free Plan
    • A day working on hives and learning
    • Learning to find queen, eggs, etc.
    • Learn techniques that you can apply in your hive inspection.
    • Ask lots of questions
    • You provide some work in turn we provide our knowledge.
  • Quarterly Inspection

    Perfect for all beekeepers!
    • 1 Hour Spring Inspection
    • 1 Hour Summer Inspection
    • 1 Hour Fall Inspection
    • Each inspection geared for the different times of year
    • We'll discuss what things to expect and what to prepare for
    • Test for mites
    • Look for diseases
    • Find queen or evidence of queen
    • We will call and schedule future dates after purchase


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