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  • When should I order my bees?
    Ordering your bee packages or Nucs early in the year will secure your chances that you will have bees coming by April. We usually sell out of Nucs in February and Bee Packages by March or April, so we recommend ordering your bees earlier than later. The honey bees will be ready in the order that they were received and paid for. We start accepting pre-orders for Nucs and Packages by the Fall prior to new year. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates when they become available or check back soon.
  • When should I expect to receive my bees in the spring after I ordered them?
    Bee packages should be available for pick up the 1st, 2nd and 3rd week in April. (**weather permitting) Nucs should be available the 3rd and 4th week in April. (**weather permitting) ​ **Weather permitting - When making Nucs we need to have good weather. If the weather is too cold then we have to postpone opening up and to split the hive and keeping the brood from getting chilled. We want to offer our customers the best chance at keeping bees. But with nature, it is never on our time. So we do our best with what is thrown our way. ​ When we are making packages we rely on our queen suppliers to send us the beautiful new queens we place in the packages. This gives us a date we can rely on so we can comunicate to the customer when they can make their pick up. But...there are times when the weather interferes, and deliveries may be delayed. They as well need good weather to let their queens have time to take their mating flights. If they don't, and don't have the right circumstances then we would end up with mediocre queens. Please be patient, we want to give you the best chance at keeping quality healthy bees and be successful.
  • When should I start to feed my bees?
    The best time to feed you bees depends on when and how quickly you want you hive to grow in the spring or if they are on the verge of starvation. If you aren't planning on expanding your apiary or the number of hives at your home, then feeding early in March isn't necessary. You can let your hive grow at their own pace. But be checking during your inspections in March, April and May to make sure they have enough resources to grow their population and store enough food to fill up the second brood box, so that way when June (Utah's honey flow month) hits your hive will be ready to add a honey super. If you are trying to make splits and grow your apiary then March is a great time to start supplemental feeding. Giving your hive instant resources like adding syrup and pollen patty will put the hive in high gear and the queen will start laying eggs like crazy as long as there is a source of food coming in. So once you start feeding them in the spring, you don't want to stop until there is plenty of natural resources available or until the second brood box is full where you want them to have it. Click here to visit our blog and learn more about this topic.
  • Where is your honey from?
    ​All of our honey is produced by our wonderful hard working bees right here in Utah. We have our hives spread out all over Salt Lake, Davis, Morgan, Weber and Summit counties. Our bees aren't foraging off of one specific plant or flower, but they are gathering nectar and pollen from the local flowers to the fields all around you. This is what gives our Raw Utah Honey its delicious unique rich floral flavor.
  • Is your honey Raw?
    Homer's Honey is as Raw as it comes! When we extract our honey, the frames come right from the hive to the extractor. We do NOT heat or filter it. Doing so will take away the benefits from the traces of pollen and those good enzymes we love. Instead, we only strain our honey to remove any wax that we don't need in the finished product.
  • Payment and Shipping
    Payment is due at the time the order is placed. Pay with debit/credit cards. Shipping is available only by contacting our office. Call us before or after purchase and we can set up your shipping needs. Additional shipping costs will be applied. We are working on setting up our online shipping for your convenience. Local orders can arrange for pickup at no additional charge. Select the shipping option for local pickup.
  • Secure Ordering & Payment Options
    Payments and processing is secure with with our SSL certificate that makes the transactions secure. No payment information is kept or stored with us.
  • Returns & Refunds
    Returns and refunds will be granted if items have not been used and they are in their original condition. Please contact us to arrange the return. Out of state orders will be required to pay return shipping. Bees are non refundable after they are in your possession.
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