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Fondant Patty Recipe (winter feeding)

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Fondant Patty Recipe: (makes Approximately 3 patties (1-1/2 lbs each)

1. Bring 16 oz. of water to a boil in a large pan

2. Pour in 4 lbs. of sugar

3. Stir and heat until it boils and sugar is dissolved turn down heat a little to medium high (7 on my stove)

4. Bring to 243° Fahrenheit at sea level to 500 ft., you will need to adjust for elevation. I use 238-240°F on the Wasatch Front. (Use candy thermometer or infrared thermometer) Stir every couple minutes or so to keep from burning while heating. (Do not leave unattended!! When it hits boiling temperature it may boil over and damage your cooktop or cause a fire. Pull pan off burner if it looks like it will boil over till it subsides, then put back on burner. Lower heat to medium high as it gets close to temperature; it heats quickly in the last few minutes). Once mixture is at temperature remove from the stove and let stand till about 220°-230°F. Once mixture is at 220-230°F, beat on high with a hand-mixer for about 1-2 minutes until looks creamy and crystallizes.

5. Let cool to around 180°F, using the hand-mixer every 10 min. or so to keep from getting too hard; scrape the sides often to ensuring an even mix. If it gets to stiff you can add an splash of water (a little bit at a time being careful not to add too much. It is easier to add more than to take it out.) then use the hand-mixer to reach a thick but pour-able consistency.

Optional: Once the mixture has cooled to 180°F, add ¼ cup bee pollen and 2 Tbsp Honeybee Healthy. If the mixture is too hot, it will damage the pollen and Honeybee Healthy.

6. Pour into paper plates that have been sprayed with vegetable oil (Pam works) or the patty will stick to the paper plate. I use the heavy duty 10" plates with a stiff lip with deep center and let cool. Work quickly as the mixture will get hard fast.

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