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Try our smooth creamed honey! This is the best way to spread honey on your favorite bread, crackers, etc. There are no additives and dairy free. Just our Raw Honey that has crystallized with really tiny crystals to make it fun and easier to spread and almost tastes like it's creamed.

No need to warm it up since honey is already in its crystalized state. It will stay smooth and spreadable forever. If the creamed honey is stored above room temperatures it may affect the crystals and can turn the honey to a liquid state.

Why is my Creamed Honey hard?

After we have seeded the honey and mixed it. We place it in a cool place for it to set for the crystallization. Or if you store it somewhere like your pantry in a cooler place it may not soften as quickly. You can take it and place it above your stove or somewhere in a warmer place until the texture is smooth and spreadable. Another tip is to give it a little stir to help soften it up. As long as the temperature doesn't cool the creamed honey too far then it should stay the desired texture.

Creamed Honey 12 oz.


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