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The double screen board is a tool that can be used to help separate bees into a box above the double screen board to act as a separate hive. They share heat, it has its own entrance and you do not need all the other equipment to start a new hive, but you keep the bees and not lose them while swarming. This happens because the bees can't pass the queens pheromone through touch because of the space between the two screens. The main purpose we sell this item is for swarm control. Pulling 6 frames of brood up before your hive is preparing to swarm will take away the that urge to swarm and will now have lots of space for the queen to continue laying without feeling pressure in the brood nest, most likely stopping the swarm. But never assume.. Always double check to make sure you have stopped their urge to swarm through frequent inspections. Once all the bees have hatched out in the box above the double screen board then you can pull it off and replace it with newspaper and let them mary back together. Your 3rd box with now be your honey super and you didn't lose any bees to swarming. Yay!

Double Screen Board

  • All assembled equipment/kits will be ready for pick with your bees or at an later date in March upon request. We will contact and confirm these options with you after you have completed your order.

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