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Fondant Winter feeding patty (for"Bee Beanie")

1.5 lbs. of Sugar Fondant patty (8" round circle, 5/8" thick fits under "Bee Beanie"

Honey Bee Healthy and Bee Pollen mixed in with sugar.

Remove paper plate before placing in the hive


Click here to see how to make your own!

Fondant Winter Feeding Patty (for"Bee Beanie")

  • Late February and March is when your bees start to raise brood. When they do so they will raise the temperature of the hive and keep it at a steady 93 degrees. This takes a lot of energy for the bees because its still cold outside. They will consume more honey in this last month than they will have had all winter long. This is the time of year when your bees can starve and die if they do not have enough honey in their hive.

    A good idea would be to look into your hive and see if your bees are clustered at the top of the hive. This is usually a good indication that they have eaten up through the last bit of honey. This is when you will need to help them and give them some food for them to continue to raise brood and so they don't die of starvation. It is still sometimes too cold to feed them sugar syrup, so these patties are a great way to help feed them during this time of year.

    Check out our blog for over wintering your hive for more info.

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