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This comes in a 2 oz. cup and it's enough for 2 doses
This grease patty is a control treatment for tracheal mites, which are microscopic. The patty contains sugar, vegetable shortening, thymol crystals, essential oils. The vapors breathed in by the bees will kill the mites and while the bees try to remove the patty, they will get it on them which will make the phoretic mites unable to hold or get stuck on to the bee's hair and can't transfer to other bee hosts.
This is a very inexpensive and effective way to deal with these mites. 
Recommended application:
1-2 ounces per application
Spring- Once per month in March, April, May at the beginning of the month.
Fall- Once per month in September, October, November at the beginning of the month.
Should not be used when honey supers are on hive.

*Store in cool area. 
To learn more Information on Tracheal Mites, we found this to be a great resource.

Salvation Salve (grease patty)

1 Ounce
  • Tracheal mite (Acarapis Woodi) infects and reproduces in the tracheae (breathing tubes) of adult bees, blocking oxygen flow, feeding off their blood and eventually killing them. "Walking bee" and "K wing" are other symptoms also attributed from these mites, which will shorten their life and prevent your bees from being able to fly and go forage for pollen and nectar. This can result in a dying hive if not treated.

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